Secure Cloud Products and Services with FedRAMP

FedRAMP strengthens the security of organizations’ cloud products and services by providing a wide range of security controls. OneTrust GRC helps organization secure cloud products and services by:  

  • Discovering and documenting cloud products and services
  • Quick starting with the prepopulated OneTrust control library
  • Testing control design and effectiveness across control implementations 


FedRAMP Control Library
Rapid documentation of information systems

Automate Discovery of Cloud Products and Services

Discover your cloud products and services with OneTrust DataDiscovery™

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Leverage Prepopulated Control Library

Access the OneTrust control library to use prepopulated FedRAMP security controls


Test & Report on Peformance

Assess control design, test operating effectiveness, and make recommendations to initiate corrective action and process improvement


Be Audit Ready

Centralize findings and evidence to streamline external audits

Cloud Data Discovery

Automated discovery of cloud products and services

  • Discover all cloud products and services with pre-built integrations 
  • Populate data with import templates and continuous integrated assessments 
  • Map interconnectedness between cloud assets, processes, and entities  

Control testing with prepopulated control library

  • The Control Library is prepopulated with FedRAMP controls 
  • Start tailoring the applicable FedRAMP controls for your information systems 
  • Ask once and answer many by mapping FedRAMP controls to other control standards  
Assessing PCI DSS

Test & report on performance

  • Test control design against your internal FedRAMP control objectives 
  • Measure control effectiveness and performance in practice 
  • Remediate flaws in design and effectiveness with guided treatment workflows 
  • Report on test results through dynamic dashboards and executive ready exports 
FedRAMP Audit Dashboard

Be audit ready

  • Expedite evidence collection through integrated control records and activity logs
  • Automatically generate granular audit trails records for in scope workstreams
  • Grant privileged user access to authorized audit professionals to review system activity firsthand
  • Consolidate internal audit projects, findings, and summaries for centralized review

Secure cloud assets with OneTrust GRC

Integrate cloud security with your other GRC processes to better understand your risk posture, compliance, and be audit ready by centralizing controls in OneTrust GRC.  

Stay up to date with the latest security framework updates and breach notifications with OneTrust Data Guidance, the world’s largest source of security, privacy, regulatory, and data breach research.  

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