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Streamlining GRC: The Value of Privacy and Risk Context

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Throughout the “Digital Evolution” that businesses have been navigating, line of business solutions and processes have taken off with higher efficiencies than legacy GRC applications can keep pace. The wave of personal information and privacy regulations have forced businesses to rethink how and what information they store and track across their business. While privacy management touches almost all the traditional disciplines for your GRC initiatives, it’s often an after-thought compliance exercise. How can we take the concept of privacy-by-design broader to ensure we identify and track the appropriate context of risk across our business to understand the real value and potential impact if realized?   

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can optimize your data inventories through thoughtful classification to streamline risk and compliance efforts on a broader scale.   


  • Identify technology and processing methods to update data in real-time 
  • Categorize data elements across risk and control inventories for multi-dimensional risk reporting 
  • Understand how privacy-focused data minimization can help you decrease your overall attack surface 
  • Engage your line of business stakeholders to guide and collaborate with risk managers to remediate risk at the source 

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