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Shift Away from Static Policy Management

1 HR December 3, 2020 11:00 am EST

Corporate policies should reflect the core of your compliance and governance initiatives. Policy documentation is often designed, drafted, and then relegated to a static reference for stakeholders to engage with periodically.

The need for policies to be an integrated source of insight and information is essential for businesses to operate effective governance, risk, and compliance programs. From the initial authorship to individual attestations, the right stakeholders must be engaged to reinforce and measure your compliance status, as well as, address areas of risk. During this webinar, we’ll review how OneTrust GRC Policy Management delivers a truly integrated experience so that your policies can operate as living guidance that can evolve with your business needs and governance strategy.

Learn how to:

· Collaborate across stakeholders to draft, review, and publish policies with contributor roles and customizable workflows to mirror your unique process.
· Access the latest information throughout the development of a policy and over time with version control
· Leverage pre-populated a templates gallery, integrate with source documentation, or connect directly with collaboration tools, such as, Office 365 to synergize processes with your everyday business applications.

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