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A How-to-Guide: Aligning Privacy Practices with your Risk and Compliance Initiatives

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Privacy compliance is a multi-stakeholder engagement to manage risk, comply with global regulations, and honor individuals’ data privacy rights. While privacy management has unique drivers, managing it in a silo can create redundancies in your broader business. Tracking, managing, and minimizing personal data for effective privacy compliance in many cases, co-insides with several IT and security risk management practices that are performed regularly. Often these similarities in practices can be overlooked, due to variations in program maturity, separate team initiatives, or other internal factors. Taking a holistic approach to privacy compliance and your broader risk management practices can help create synergies across your business and deliver insights at the enterprise level.

In this webinar, we’ll review how privacy professionals can identify opportunities where efforts can be aligned. Specifically, we’ll discuss some practices to enhance privacy controls and implement privacy and security-by-design practices into the business to manage compliance and meet business objectives effectively.

Attendees will learn how to better:

· Consolidate data sources to eliminate duplicate efforts and streamline audit projects
· Achieve greater assurance of complete personal data tracking
· Reinforce privacy controls by leveraging security expertise and existing practices

Evolving and aligning your GRC program across risk, compliance, and your overall business performance initiatives is an ongoing task as your organization grows and matures practices. Join Scott Bridgen, Head of Global GRC for OneTrust leads this session to share some of our collective market observations and program best practices. Watch this on-demand webinar to see how you can take your privacy compliance program to the next level to enhance your audit capabilities, bridge gaps across third-party risk management, and more.

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