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During this Policy Management demo video, we’ll review common challenges and streamlined software solutions for your GRC program.

It’s very common for businesses to draft, store, and monitor corporate policies in a manual and ad hoc manner. This creates unnecessary obstacles in accessing the latest information, tracking progress and changes as well as blocking insights across the business to better understand adoption, performance, and compliance gaps.

Modern businesses need the tools to centralize the development and distributions of policies as well as track and manage compliance, with dynamic attestation capabilities. OneTrust GRC’s Policy Management demo will showcase how an organization can streamline its entire policy management lifecycle.

Starting with a central library, organizations can access a Consolidated inventory of policies over time. Businesses have the flexibility to organize and align their policies to specific business segments, or apply guidelines organization-wide. Select from our gallery of policy templates. With content ranging from security, corporate conduct, information privacy, and more – organizations can leverage the context as is, or tailor to their processes and business objectives.

When Drafting a new policy users can collaborate across teams to incorporate feedback and edits using assigned contributors. These role-based permissions enable stakeholders such as subject matter experts, policy owners, and approvers to engage directly from a centralized workspace. Ensuring access to the latest updates as well as a reference to tracked and manage changes to the document.

Align your policy creation and review process to a phased workflow to track general progress and updates – from initial drafts to publication. Track the status of a policy from “in development”, through “active” and “archived.” With each update from one version to the next, business users can detail or review policy revision summaries to understand what, or why, updates were applied from one version to the next.

Watch the policy management demo video to see this and more offered in our OneTrust GRC Policy.

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