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10 Steps to Reinforce Compliance Through Policy Management

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The burden of compliance continuously grows as business scales in size and complexity. Regulators and compliance leaders dream of a world where organizations shift away from check-box compliance. A new wave of regulatory updates and guidance aims to encourage organizations to focus on key compliance objectives based on business outcomes. Companies should consider these aspects during their initial policy design and throughout their policy lifecycle.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through 10 key considerations for designing policies that work comprehensively across your business. A successful policy management implementation enables risk and compliance professionals to understand compliance gaps or if the program is underperforming. We’ll identify tools and technology to ensure policies are operational and offer actionable insights.

Key Takeaways :

– Connect with key stakeholders for input and review during the policy development process within your GRC tool or through integrations with apps like Microsoft Word.
– Access tried and true policy templates that you can customize and adapt to your business guidelines.
– By-pass traditional processes of checking documents in and out for review and keep access to the most current information.
– Operationalize policies through integrated controls and key policy ownership roles.
– Gain a multi-dimensional view into policy performance with integrated controls and targeted attestation


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