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Managing Governance, Risk and Compliance is a large-scale initiative involving stakeholders across your business functions. GRC solutions have traditionally required extensive custom development and professional services.

In the fast-paced digital enterprise environment, speed and scale are critical competitive advantages. Enabling risk management in day to day activities is key to establishing an effective GRC program.

Watch this OneTrust GRC overview demo to see how our first-line friendly application can enable your business to build a flexible foundation to model their organizational structure and realize the extent of their risk exposure.

  • OneTrust GRC IT & Security Risk Management helps you map and measure risk against a variety of asset inventories throughout your IT infrastructure such as physical servers or IT projects.
  • OneTrust GRC Vendor Risk Management allows you to Document your extended enterprise and manage risk across third-party relationships that are tied to your supply chain and operations.
  • OneTrust GRC Privacy Management gives you the toolset to Institute privacy by design and maintains compliance with expanding privacy legislation utilizing purpose-built features to identify sensitive information such as personal identifiers.
  • OneTrust GRC Enterprise & Operational Risk Management helps businesses assess risk in line with business objectives and across your organization.
  • OneTrust Policy Management enables companies to Draft, collaborate, and distribute documented guidelines for business operations across your enterprise.
  • OneTrust Audit Management enables businesses to apply a risk-based approach to internal auditing efforts.
  • OneTrust Incident Management helps your team Eliminate the subjective analysis of incident scope and response.

With OneTrust GRC your organization can combat traditional, digital, and emerging threats inside your organization and across third-party relationships. In this OneTrust GRC overview demo, we’ll outline how you can establish and measure the adoption of enterprise-wide policies, streamline audit execution and incident response, and engage stakeholders to support risk management initiatives throughout your enterprise operations

OneTrust GRC delivers an integrated risk management platform to support and operationalize your GRC Strategy.

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