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OCEG 2021 Cybersecurity Communications Survey Report

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Recently, OneTrust partnered with OCEG and GRC 20/20 Research to conduct a survey assessing cybersecurity communications. We engaged with business leaders and stakeholders to benchmark the state of their integration for both processes and technology and evaluated how that aligned with their ability to communicate cybersecurity initiatives and activities throughout their organization.

As part of this survey, the following 7 elements were assessed from respondents.

The ability to:

  1. Identify all devices and systems (by category and individually) that could be subjected to cyber attacks
  2. Determine all possible impacts on business objectives and operations from any attack on each device or system
  3. Assess the cumulative impact of potential cyberattacks
  4. Consider the impact of attacks on third-party devices or systems
  5. Quantify the identified possible impacts of any attack
  6. Assess the risk-level of each type of attack on each device or system category
  7. Define and apply Key Risk Indicator (KRIs) to potential and actual attacks on each device or system category

Data was collected among 330 respondents across geographies, industries, and organization sizes. Download the report findings to learn more!

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