Leverage Your OneTrust Data Inventories for Cyber Risk Initiatives

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Make the most out of your data by centralizing repositories to expand insights into your organization’s IT risk and exposure. In this webinar, we’ll showcase our latest product, IT & Security Risk Management. We’ll discuss how you can utilize your current data inventory and further connected your enterprise data across CMDB’s, CASB, and other sources. Expand the scope of your risk tracking by linking related threats and vulnerabilities to prioritize risk and take action. Review and track controls in place and apply new controls as needed to remediate risk effectively. Identify risk in near real-time, prioritize action, and execute remediation efforts along a guided workflow. Roll up risk data across your digital enterprise with quantitative or qualitative metrics for concise measured risk reporting.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Optimize efforts to maintain data
  • Map the extent of risk exposure
  • Engage stakeholders to guide and collaborate across risk remediation
  • Gain near-time insights in context to your operations

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