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Watch this five-minute overview of the OneTrust IT & Security Risk Management demo video. See first hand how our solution can help your organization combat cyber risk by connecting, mapping, and measuring your risk exposure across business assets and business processes. With structured organization hierarchy, risk categorization, and flexible scoring methodology users can quickly access detailed view or generate summary reports on the fly.

The scale of enterprise digital operations and the reality of cyber threats today, has put added pressure on IT, Security, and Risk professionals working across multiple systems and leveraging business practices that are not always connected.

You’ll see in the IT & Security Risk demo video how OneTrust’s configurable dashboards can deliver summary level views of different risk-related activities to report on key risk indicators and provide insights to your leadership team.

OneTrust’s flexible data hierarchy delivers a powerful reporting engine to query and configure custom reports, or you can choose to access our catalog of prebuilt templates. 

Users can automate reporting efforts and provide consistent insights with report scheduling and set a cadence for ongoing regular insights into your risk health and activity. 

Watch this IT & Security Risk Management demo video to see how OneTrust GRC: 

  • Provides a platform to connect your digital infrastructure
  • Design and apply flexible risk scoring methodologies.
  • Tailor and track your remediation efforts  
  • as well as monitor and report on risk activity across your enterprise 

OneTrust GRC IT & Security Risk Management offers an integrated platform to realize risk activity across the scope of your business systems and processand delivers a toolset to mitigate, monitor, and report findings to help balance your residual risk score and organizational risk appetite. 

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