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A Complete ISMS Solution Audit Management & Policy Management

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OneTrust GRC launches two new products – Audit Management and Policy Management. In this webinar, we’ll review what’s available with this initial releaseincluding key features and how these products integrate with the GRC product suite to deliver an integrated risk management solution – specifically how OneTrust Audit, Policy, and IT & Security Risk Management can help businesses execute their ISMS strategy and streamline ISO compliance.  

Key Takeaways 

  • Define your audit scope and auto-populate control tests to guide audit projects 
  • Engage with stakeholders and measure progress across your auditor workforce 
  • Centralize policy storage and organize by version, business division and more 
  • Leverage policy templates and link sections to controls records to monitor and audit compliance 
  • Eliminate redundancies and streamline compliance with an integrated data infrastructure 


Interested in what OneTrust GRC can do for you? Request a demo today to see how our integrated risk management software can help your organization deliver the appropriate visibility and plan of action for a proactive risk management approach.

OneTrust GRC Audit Management can deliver the features, functionality, and expanded resources your team needs to keep your GRC practices up to speed with the latest compliance updates. OneTrust GRC is built on an agile data infrastructure, offering a simplified user experience and seamless data access, and role-based permissions across GRC functions and products.

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