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The OneTrust GRC integration builder helps companies keep data in sync.  As your business expands and departments specialize, so too do the applications they use. A foundational element to any GRC strategy is to have a centralized view of data and controls across business systems and devices. Still, Many enterprise-level operations execute across disjointed systems and manual, siloed processes.

Connecting and keeping data in-sync across an organization is an ongoing challenge for system engineers and admins. While this may be difficult with some solutions, OneTrust GRC integration builder offers a simplified approach to building and maintaining integrations.

With hundreds of pre-built plugins and easy drag and drop integration workflow builder, users can connect systems with a few simple clicks. With the OneTrust GRC integration builder, your team can bypass custom coding, eliminate duplicate efforts, and create synergies across applications and business functions.

Users can select leading enterprise solutions from our integration marketplace, containing a catalog of over 500 pre-built plugins. Select from productivity and project management tools, monitoring applications including threat and vulnerability scanners, and much more.

Our simple drag and drop user interface, powered by OneTrust Athena AI and Robotic Automation- guides you on a step by step process to share related information across systems. Users can build in specialized criteria to map fields and trigger action within OneTrust or the authorized application. Athena’s Intelligence can learn from these settings on how to best maintain data updates in real-time and optimize your business processes.

With Bi-directional data sharing capabilities embedded in our GRC integration builder, updates can be recorded across platforms. So that as you manage risk and delegate tasks within OneTrust – OR as progress is made within an external application such as Jira – your data reflects the latest information
The OneTrust Integration Builder enables your team to Seamlessly connect systems, without sacrificing functional experiences and operational efficiencies within your line of business applications.

The OneTrust GRC integration builder can help your organization engage stakeholders across your organization and build risk management into your line of business with a truly integrated risk management platform.

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