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The Compliance Paradox: Why GRC Initiatives Should Never Slow You Down

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Do you over-comply? The compliance team’s primary function is to apply already established rules: to work within ever-expanding mandatory boundaries and processes and not to create them, aside from internal compliance initiatives. However, compliance teams inevitably develop unique methods and tasks to report across the business; Particularly when teams must apply their own interpretation of a general text, or vague compliance language, which is the case for most compliance programs. These expanding checklist exercises can soon end up consuming more resources than necessary, and the processes can quickly become manual and redundant.

There is a lot of overlap between different GRC initiatives, including security, privacy, and internal governance practices. You already have a GRC strategy, how can GRC professionals best leverage modern applications to realize new efficiencies? In this webinar, we’ll discuss what type of infrastructure you should look for to support optimized compliance practices today. Taking a “by design” approach to GRC system configuration, without the need for traditional customizations. We’ll also focus on standards to help you scale GRC outside of your second-line professionals to enhance accountability for individuals across your organization.

– Infrastructure features to help you measure once, comply many through integrated control mappings
– Examples of standardization to help extend GRC for line of business contribution
– Automation to improve your response time and reporting efforts


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