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3 Tips for Gaining Risk Insights

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Risk quantification has the potential to unlock risk insights for your organization. The better risk insights that we have, the better decisions that we can make in managing risk, but also in pushing the strategic initiatives of the organization forward. Simply put, risk quantification is the process of evaluating the identified risks and developing the data that is needed for making decisions. In this webinar, we’ll introduce three concepts to help quantify risk formulas for actionable insights across your organization. How you optimize and prioritize the data elements that you use or have available will determine the repeatability, reliability, and reportability of your risk quantification. Join us to learn three tips in simplifying and standardizing both qualitative and quantitative data elements for streamlined risk insights.

Key Takeaways:

-Learn a new approach and benefits of a repeatable risk scoring method.
-Maximize data collected from integrated business applications.
-Identify improved methods for trusting your risk scores and creating meaningful data for the first line of defense.
-Understand how identifying data relationships can identify and prioritize your most important risks.

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