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Establishing a Modern Foundation for Advanced Insights

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An effective governance, risk and compliance program should enable all stakeholders across business units to break down traditionally siloed risk areas and replace them with a connected, holistic view of risk that spans their organization and relationships. However, the data sprawl and scope of GRC initiatives can make this seem like a daunting or unattainable task. When reviewing today’s roles, responsibilities and technology across today’s data driven landscape, there are three key aspects that set the foundation for establishing an insightful GRC program. In this session, we’ll review modern day GRC-drivers as well as the challenges of operating in the age of digital enterprises. We’ll breakdown practical applications and lessons learned in building a risk-based culture, proactively monitoring compliance, and mapping digital enterprises for GRC success.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Define business outcomes to own risk within each line of business and encourage support across leadership
  • Understand how to harmonize regulatory obligations and business objectives to effectively balance compliance and risk
  • Learn how to eliminate overlap across systems to work together and add greater business value to every layer of an organization.

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