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Building a GRC Program That Fits Your Business | A First Line Friendly ISMS Suite

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How much time do you spend transferring data across systems to execute your GRC program? Oftentimes, disparate systems across policy, privacy, IT risk, vendor risk, incident, and audit result in duplicated data across applications. Join this session learn how can you leverage an integrated risk platform to bring these functions together while sharing standard data sets and enabling team collaboration. We’ll discuss how to bring the elements of an integrated ISMS program together under one roof, from mapping your business scope, to auditing and reporting on operations. 

Key Takeaways  

  • Review how to execute the core functions and controls within ISO 27002 ISMS guidelines 
  • Identify key data sets where you can prioritize integrations between modules or applications 
  • Reduce manual data transfers to streamline evidence collection for audit analysis and reporting 


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