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GRC Building Blocks: Automating IT Risk Management

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IT Risk Management is a foundational element to your overall risk and compliance strategy. In this 30-minute product breakout, we’ll be covering some key automation features and functionality to help your streamline risk management. Address redundancies, inconsistent processes, and reduce the subjectivity of risk interpretation across your line of business managers and GRC professionals through standardized risk template records, automated assessments and mitigation workflows. Optimize control management with Athena AI-driven controls to link related controls and suggest new associated practices. Collect data at the source for real-time risk insights from a connected ecosystem of key business applications and integrated assessments.

Learn how to:
– Standardize redundant and inconsistent processes across teams through pre-built risk templates
– Optimize control management with Athena AI to link and automatically suggest controls
– Collect data at the source for real-time risk insights


Interested in what OneTrust GRC can do for you? Request a GRC demo today to see how our integrated risk management software can help your organization deliver the appropriate visibility and plan of action for a proactive risk management approach. Let us know what product you are interested in exploring, and our team will tailor your GRC demo.

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