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Automating Compliance to Improve Risk Posture

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Where can you best leverage automation and AI in GRC? As companies shift to a proactive risk-based approach to measuring and managing risk, compliance can still take up a significant amount of resources. Find the right balance to enhance efficiencies across tasks, so that stakeholders can focus on the necessary human elements of evaluating and mitigating risk variables and pursuing potential growth opportunities within their risk appetite. In this webinar we’ll review how organizations can leverage an agile GRC platform and identify some key areas to get started with AI, RPA and ML technology to streamline compliance management, help inform and execute certain decisions based on previous activity and data sets.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn how a multi-dimensional perspective of risk can help streamline your compliance efforts  
  • Where templates can leverage to fuel RPA and eliminate manual data collection 
  • What checks and balances should be instituted to safeguard AI practices and ensure quality data 

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