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In this OneTrust GRC Audit management software demo video, we’ll showcase an integrated network of tools for auditors to prepare and plan investigations.

Auditors face a unique challenge with the requirement to perform an objective review, while also needing to engage the business to collect authentic and timely evidence.

Communication channels and evidence of your investigation can quickly spread across various sources from email, document repositories and formalized workpapers, it’s important to support and organize these communication channels to streamline audit execution

Organizations can gain a centralized view of all audit projects planned, in process, and completed in the OneTrust GRC platform.

Within the audit management software demo, you’ll see how when planning new audits users can define the scope of an investigation broadly, by selecting a desired compliance framework or regulation, to measure operations and test applicable controls

Or take a focused, risk-based approach to audit by defining the scope targeted at high-risk or critical assets to review and test controls

Within this scope, users can select and prioritize relevant assets, processes, or other entities that fall inside set risk criteria such as date of last completed audit, inherent risk score, risk category, or business division so that your auditing efforts can be as prescriptive and focused as you like.

Because OneTrust Audit Management software is integrated with other risk management solutions, including IT & Security Risk management as well as Vendor Risk Management associated controls can be seamlessly pre-populated onto templated workpapers with direct access to the recorded activity.


OneTrust Audit Management delivers a centralized platform to plan, execute and report on audit findings – with the added benefit of being a core piece of our integrated risk management suite of products, auditors can streamline evidence collection, engage related stakeholders, and quickly initiate corrective action where applicable.

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