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Adjusting Audit Scope for Pandemic and Beyond

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Businesses around the globe and operations across functions have had to adapt at rapid speed to unprecedented times. The uncertainty of longer-term impact on audit operations is still top of mind for many audit teams.  

Given these exceptional circumstances, how are audit professionals providing assurance and how is the business satisfying compliance with legislative and regulatory obligations?  In this webinar, we will explore the challenges internal audit teams face in completing audit engagements remotely. What tools are being leveraged such as virtual meetings, data analytics, receipt of scanned documents or even asking operational managers to use real time videos to enable the internal auditor to see what is happening. How do these support assurance as to whether or not policies and procedures are being followed? 

We will explore some of the key regulatory obligations e.g. Data Protection/GDPR, particularly exploring the security around home working and the challenges of cyber-security compliance. 

Key Takeaways:  

  • What are the advantages internal audit teams well positioned with digital infrastructure have experienced? 
  • How have policy changes and working from home impacted the scope of audits? 
  • How are auditors verifying “completeness and accuracy”? 
  • What Privacy concerns should organizations be aware of when auditing in a working from home environment?
  • What guidance can organizations leverage in preparing and executing a “return-to-work” plan?

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