Three Ways to Scale GRC | Working Across Your Lines of Defense

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How do you encourage your line of business to own risk today? Having a clear understanding of risk to evaluate probability and impact has been a common barrier to developing risk programs beyond traditional second-line professionals. Chasing the latest information across static assessments, emails, and other documentation leaves you reviewing yesterday’s data. Getting risk right is essential for your GRC program to work effectively but executing risk management exclusively within your second line risk and compliance department is inefficient.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how organizations can standardize their risk infrastructure and meet the first line where they operate. Using today’s technology, risk managers can collect insights directly from the source in real-time, leveraging automated assessments, system integrations, and more tied directly to their risk methodology. Businesses can integrate risk management into business operations to help cut against the traditional silos and specialty domains that people gravitate to naturally.

Key takeaways:

  • Identify where you can extend GRC touchpoints to your first line without forcing them to adopt a new system
  • Present risk management in context to the business to translate beyond traditional, but subjective risk inquires
  • Reduce the lag in data collection and increase confidence in your risk analysis


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