10 Essential Steps to Rethinking Risk Assessments

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Do you spend countless hours assessing businesses risk, stuck in spreadsheets, sift through emails to find the most up-to-date information? After gathering all the necessary information from your line of business, you still need to review, validate, analyze, and assigned a risk score. All of this must be done before actionable insights can be drawn or mitigation efforts can take place. There is a significant gap in how risk is assessed and rate at which your business operates today.

As your program evolves, the need to simplify the risk assessment process becomes unavoidable. But a common reality is that as your business continues to develop, risk assessment practices and resources have largely remained the same. It’s not as simple as getting a risk management tool; it’s about finding the right technology to adapt your processes in line with your current risk landscape and business objectives. In this webinar, we’ll review risk assessment best practices businesses should consider based leading industry standards from ISO 31000, NIST CSF, and the latest DOJ Corporate Compliance Guidance. OneTrust will explore these concepts through the lens of modern-day technology that can help to alleviate the manual and subjective nature of risk assessments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Familiarize yourself with proven best practices and new perspectives on risk assessments  
  • Identify opportunities to collect risk insights in context through an automated questionnaire process 
  • Streamline risk identification with automation rules tied to your risk methodology


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