Manage HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets standards for the protection of personal health information. OneTrust GRC helps organizations manage HIPAA compliance by: 

  • Access pre-populated control library available in OneTrust GRC
  • Test the effectiveness of your controls with ready-to-use assessment templates
  • Reinforce HIPPA compliance with integrated policy, control, and risk records
HIPAA Control Library
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Leverage Pre-populated Control Library

Access the OneTrust control library to use the prepopulated HIPAA security and privacy controls


Test & Report Control Effectiveness

Assess control design, test operating effectiveness, and make recommendations to initiate corrective action and process improvement


Link Controls to Policies

Align corporate policies with HIPAA security and privacy controls and your broader compliance programs


Stay Audit Ready

Centralize findings and streamline evidence collection for internal and external audits and reporting


Leverage Pre-populated Control Library

  • Avoid manual data set up, with a pre-populated library of HIPAA security and privacy controls 
  • Ask once and comply many by mapping HIPAA controls to other common control standards and frameworks 
  • Automate insights with controls linked to assessments and across GRC modules


HIPAA Control Assessment

Test & Report on Performance

  • Leverage HIPPA assessment templates and tailor them to your business
  • Evaluate control effectiveness and performance for operations in practice
  • Remediate flaws in design and effectiveness with guided treatment workflows 
  • Report on test results through dynamic dashboards and executive ready exports 

Link Controls to Policies

  • Align corporate policies with the security and privacy controls  
  • Measure policy adoption with control tests and policy attestation metrics 
  • Promote corporate-wide HIPAA compliance initiatives and specify for business units
  • Guide stakeholders with outlined processes and procedures to 
  • Define and document stakeholder roles and responsibilities 

Stay Audit Ready

  • Expedite evidence collection through integrated control records and activity logs 
  • Automatically generate granular audit trails records for in scope workstreams 
  • Grant privileged user access to authorized audit professionals to review system activity firsthand
  • Consolidate internal audit projects, findings, and summaries for centralized review 

Manage HIPAA compliance with OneTrust GRC

Integrate HIPAA compliance with your other GRC processes to better understand your risk posture, compliance, and be audit ready by centralizing controls in OneTrust GRC.  

Stay up to date with the latest security framework updates and breach notifications with OneTrust Data Guidancethe world’s largest source of security, privacy, regulatory, and data breach research.  

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