OneTrust GRC Solutions

Board and Business Executives

Gain insight into your extended enterprise to realize your risk exposure and appetite across operations. OneTrust GRC software allows your team to aggregate and normalize risk data across departments to deliver context-relevant measurements of your risk appetite. Quantify risk according to potential business impact to understand the relevancy and prioritize strategic action.

Privacy Professionals

Embed privacy and security best practices into a pro-active risk management program. Model or apply internal controls after leading frameworks and laws such as ISO, NIST, GDPR, CCPA, and more. Adhere to best practices around processing sensitive data, protecting access to assets, and managing incidents.

Security Professionals

Enhance risk and compliance visibility across systems and teams. Track real-time updates and mitigation activity from your ongoing security programs. Focus and reinforce system and security priorities based on your critical assets classified through your GRC practices.

Business Continuity Plans
Business Continuity Plans

Audit Professionals

Support your organization’s shift to a pro-active risk management plan with audit plans designed to uphold policy standards and highlight areas for improvements with documented recommendations. Maintain oversights with continuous control monitoring and detailed system logs across business operations. Review business practices and controls in-line with corporate policy guidelines. Compare historical audit reports, consolidate findings, and support recommendations with attached evidence for leadership.

Compliance and Ethics Professionals

Measure your business beyond regulatory compliance standards by creating policy mandates based on modern-day ethical practices. Assess business processes in place to measure adherence, implement controls, and deliver technology solutions to identify malicious activity. Extend oversight to potential hazards with secure whistleblowing hotlines – accessible to both internal and external individuals via secure and anonymized communication channels.

IT Risk Management

Access a connected data inventory of your CMDB, with near real-time updates delivering insights into your assets, third-party service providers, and IT initiatives with measured risk perspectives. Manage the complete risk lifecycle from identification, remediation, ongoing monitoring, and reporting so that your organization can proactively address areas of concern or high risk activity.

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