Operationalize Your Information Security Program In Line with Leading Standards and Frameworks

Gain real-time insights across InfoSec and GRC programs

Maximize resources from security to audit with an integrated GRC platform.

Information Security Solutions

Seamlessly Integrate Your Information Security Programs for Greater Risk and Compliance Visibility

OneTrust GRC offers the technology and integrated solutions to embed security into your broader risk management initiatives. GRC programs can leverage insights from active security updates for timely reporting into risk exposure, exploitation, and the organization’s overall risk posture.


Automated Workflow & AI Technology

Deliver real-time insights, power ongoing automation, track risk and prioritize actions across enterprise systems


Out-Of-The-Box Security Frameworks

Link policies and operations to leading control frameworks including ISO, NIST, SOC 2, CMMC and more


Flexible Risk Treatment & Planning

Leverage out-of-the-box risk settings or tailor your risk methodology to meet your business needs


Integrated Market Intelligence

Reference the latest security and risk updates across frameworks, standards and third-party relationships

OneTrust GRC Information Security Solutions

20200410 Policy Save Section MOCK


Develop and Distribute InfoSec Policies Linked to Control Records with Real-time Activity Logs

  • Define business objectives, align to appropriate business segments and identify stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Outline guidelines for processes and procedures and link policy sections to control records
  • Summarize Statement of Applicability (SoA) to identify selected control records, descriptions, and status
  • Distribute corporate-wide security initiatives and monitor attestation across all stakeholders within your organization
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Measure and Mitigate Risk with Automated Treatment Workflows and Integrated Control Records

  • Define control objectives, and risk parameters by business unit type of inventory record and risk appetite
  • Leverage flexible risk scoring, indicate high–low risk, or use a configurable risk matrix to measure both impact and likelihood
  • Create automated treatment workflows with exception management and a detailed audit trail across your information security solutions and activity
  • Identify complimentarily and compensating control libraries powered by OneTrust Athena AI to optimize security practices and maximize compliance
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20200612 - Vendor Assessment - Risk Flagged


Streamline Vendor Risk Management and Mitigation, from Onboarding to Offboarding

  • Track third-party data flows and critical asset access, using detailed data logs to identify systems and user access
  • Automate workflows to streamline the third-party lifecycle, from onboarding to risk mitigation and offboarding
  • Track vendor controls with issue and exception management and generate audit-ready reports and dashboards
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OneTrust GRC Provides Market Intelligence for Information Security Teams

OneTrust DataGuidance is the world’s largest source of security, privacy, regulatory, and data breach research. Leverage insights and guidance published by a contributor network of over 500 lawyers and 40 in-house legal researchers.

OneTrust Vendorpedia Third-Party Cyber Risk Exchange provides extended visibility to your third-party relationships. Access a community of up-to-date cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance vendor profiles as well as shared risk assessments.

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Reduce the Burden of Vendor Risk Assessments with Security and Privacy Research on 60,000+ Vendors

  • Access aggregated and up-to-date cybersecurity research on 60,000+ third parties
  • Leverage a community of shared vendor risk assessments across common industry standards
  • Receive detailed vendor risk assessment reports with gap analysis and risk mitigation recommendations
  • Leverage AI technology that detects data breaches and other issues as they arise (or even before)
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20200407 Incident Scope 1440 x 1024


Support Incident Intake and Create Proactive Response Plans with Guided Workflow Technology

  • Centralize visibility with integrated intake and reporting channels (incident portal, web form, email, system connectors and more)
  • Create response playbooks and identify the scope of impact with linked assets, process and enterprise data infrastructure
  • Align response, mitigation and recovery plans with to guided workflow while maintaining a detailed audit trail
  • Attach evidence, schedule post-incident reviews, and propose policy updates based on findings
Incident Management


Test Controls to Identify Compliance Gaps and Areas for Process Improvement

  • Track control implementations, documenting efficiency and distribution across your organization
  • Test the design and validity of master controls to determine if they operate as intended
  • Develop reports for management with supporting visual data flow diagrams and expedited evidence collection
  • Document findings and share detailed remediation recommendations to key stakeholders
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