Privacy Management

The growth and expansion of privacy laws around the world has caused companies to reevaluate and optimize their data processing practices.

Leverage OneTrust GRC Privacy Management to maintain compliance with global privacy regulations and reduce risk exposure across your consumer touchpoints.

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Embed Privacy Best Practices into Your Business Processes and Customer Interactions

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Discover and Manage Privacy Risk

Maintain evergreen data and leverage dynamic assessments to track, evaluate and report on personal information across your business.

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Uphold Individual Privacy Rights

Maintain detailed processing records, and automate the intake and fulfillment of data subject rights requests. Centralize your privacy policy deployment to ensure public facing domains are informing the most up-to-date and applicable version.

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Manage Consent Across All Channels

Collect valid consent and allow individuals to easily update their preferences across all channels including cookie consent, mobile app consent, and broader marketing consent and communications.

Discover and Manage Privacy Risk


Data Mapping

Maintain rich ecosystem of evergreen data

Link and map relationships between business processes, IT assets, and vendors to understand how information flows through your organization. Using this documentation, your team will gain insight into your privacy management program, including, what jurisdictional laws may be applicable to your business and provide documented records of processing to report and maintain compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and more. Backed by the OneTrust Privacy platform, implement a structure to support Privacy By Design practices.

Assessment Review

Automated Assessment Technology

Engage the business with integrated questionnaires

Utilize automated assessment technology to populate data and measure your internal operations to ensure that personal data processing is necessary and lawful under privacy regulations. Create contextual questionnaires to engage individuals and minimize the amount of personal data your company collects. Access out-of-the-box templates or customize content to your needs to streamline assessment distribution and response. Define an end-to-end process to initiate and evaluate assessments along a guided workflow. Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) to flag risk for items that conflict with your privacy policy or jurisdictional laws.

Uphold Consumer Privacy Rights

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Privacy Rights Requests

Automate the intake fulfillment of consumer and data subject rights requests

Provide communication channels for individuals to inquire about their personal data and submit data access or deletion requests. Using a secure communication portal your organization can manage interaction with consumers and data subjects, as well as internal stakeholders throughout the request fulfillment process. Leverage powerful workflows to delegate tasks and monitor progress, supported by a detailed activity log to demonstrate compliance. Automate the entire request process with OneTrust Athena robotic process automation to discover an individual’s data in real-time, check for exceptions like legal holds, and take appropriate action.

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Privacy Policy & Notice Management

Draft, store, and publish your privacy policy from a centralized location. Ease the maintenance of publishing updates across websites and customer-facing touchpoints. Leverage a simple script to push specific privacy versions based on local regulations. Supported by OneTrust GRC’s Enterprise Policy Management module, users can distribute and test to internal stakeholders as well as public-facing documentation. Learn more about OneTrust GRC’s Enterprise Policy Management

Manage Consent Across Consumer Interfaces

Extend digital risk initiatives across your consumer-facing technologies

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Consent Management

Embed consent management across consumer touchpoints and deliver centralized preference centers. Consumers can easily manage their options. Companies can access a central view of an individual’s consent and distribute updates across CRMs, email marketing tools, and relevant systems.

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Cookie Compliance

Global privacy laws like the GDPR, ePrivacy, and the CCPA require different approaches to cookie consent across the globe. OneTrust Cookie Compliance helps your organization deliver customized and compliant approaches to online tracking across your business. Scan your web properties to understand the tracking technologies that are deployed on visitor’s browsers. Design and deploy dynamic cookie banners across your public facing websites, leveraging geo-location rules to deliver regional-specific consent models. Perform A/B testing across different banner styles and formats to optimize opt-ins to deliver an enhanced visitor experience. Leverage OneTrust Auto-Blocking technology to respect user consent and block cookies and trackers appropriately – no additional code required.

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Mobile App Consent

For apps developed both internally or outsourced to third parties, visibility into what tracking technologies is a gap for many organizations. Utilize OneTrust mobile app scanning technologies to identify third-party SDK’s and device permissions to understand the extent of tracking technologies used within your mobile applications. Companies can then align data processes and collected through mobile applications with their privacy practices, and individual preferences.

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According to the Forrester Wave™: Privacy Management Software, Q1 2020, OneTrust “leads with rich functionality and strong vision”. OneTrust is also one of Fast Company’s 2019 World’s Most Innovative Companies, the #1 fastest-growing company in Atlanta and is led by our CEO Kabir Barday, a 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the United States.

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