Policy Management

Streamline the policy management lifecycle from initial authorship to attestation.

OneTrust GRC Policy Management allows organizations to collaborate across teams to develop policies, measure distribution, and monitor ongoing compliance with both external regulations and internal corporate rules.  

Streamline Policy Development and Distribution

Guide Corporate Culture | Identify Liabilities | Support Proactive Risk Management

Policy management is often accomplished in an ad hoc manner across a number of static systems. Streamline your entire policy management lifecycle with structured development, distribution, and real-time insights across your GRC program with integrated control records.


Centralize Development

Organize policies by category, version, and status with it's designated business alignment


Communicate & Distribute

Facilitate collaboration with role-based permissions, change tracking, as well as structured review and publishing workflows


Enhance Engagement & Reporting

Identify gaps based on attestation metrics and monitor performance through control effectiveness

20200413 - Policy Layout MOCK

Centralize Policy Development and Storage

  • Streamline policy production with out-of-the-box policy templates
  • Design policies with rich text or HTML editors to incorporate the appropriate content as well as styling
  • Integrate with third-party document repositories to consolidate content and draft new policies
  • Define your policy management scope to align and apply policies to specific segments of your organization
  • Store policies by version, category and identify active and inactive policies with a historical archive
20200410 Policy Portal MOCK

Communicate and Distribute Policies to the Business

  • Enable role-based access to control ownership, editing, and approval across policy management
  • Track and review progress with in-line edits, comments, and change tracking across stakeholders
  • Implement out-of-the-box workflows or configure stages to incorporate team feedback and approval
  • Maintain the latest information across public-facing domains with centralized storage and distribution
  • Send policies directly to individuals via email or distribute records through a secure messaging platform
20200413 - Policy Attestation MOCK

Enhance Engagement and Reporting Across Your Organization

  • Set a threshold for acceptable attestation based on organizational hierarchy or distribution groups
  • Flag non-compliant policies that are out of date or have not met their threshold of attestation
  • Automate identification and follow up with unattested stakeholders associated with a policy
  • Confirm receipt as well as affirm policy understanding with knowledge testing and documentation
  • Review attestation metrics and control assessments to review the maturity and overall adoption of a policy
20200410 Policy Controls 2 MOCK

Reinforce Corporate Compliance with OneTrust Athena AI

  • Athena continuously monitors your attestation rates and control effectiveness scores to report ongoing policy adoption insights
  • Based on this information, Athena will flag policy sections and language for internal review, coordinating policy management efforts
  • Propose related Awareness Training courses, using distribution data, such as departments, individuals and policy subject matter
  • Automatically link attestation metrics as evidence of control effectiveness for auditors and risk managers

Ready to learn more about the OneTrust GRC Policy Management?

OneTrust GRC Policy Management can deliver the features, functionality, and expanded resources your team needs to keep your GRC practices up to speed with the latest compliance updates. OneTrust GRC is built on an agile data infrastructure, offering a simplified user experience and seamless data access and role-based permissions across GRC functions and products.

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