Optimize GRC with Dynamic Control Management

OneTrust GRC’s flexible control structure enables businesses to track control practices across risk domains for holistic compliance reporting.

  • Access out-of-the-box control frameworks from ISO, NIST, & more
  • Map controls across leading frameworks and policy requirements
  • Track control maturity and distribution across your organization
  • Audit control implementations against master control records
  • Leverage OneTrust AthenaTM AI for proactive and continuous monitoring
Control Management Framework Library

Out-of-the-Box Control Records

Leverage business-ready content packs from leading standards ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA & more.


Integrated Control Network

Measure once and report across compliance frameworks and your internal policy standards.


Control Testing & Assurance

Test the efficiency and design of controls and integrate with security monitoring applications

OneTrust's Flexible Data Infrastructure

Enable your organization to implement a dynamic control management network. Support a robust GRC program and track practices across risk domains for holistic compliance reporting. With ready-to-use control records and out-of-the-box system connectors, users can gain insights across business practices to report real-time compliance, identify program gaps, and support a strategy of continuous improvement. OneTrust’s out-of-the-box control management capabilities are powered by OneTrust DataGuidanceTM and OneTrust AthenaTM AI.

Control management Frameworks

Get Started Faster with Out-of-the-Box Controls

  • Leverage pre-configured control management records from ISO, NIST, PCI and more
  • Create custom controls unique to your business operations
  • Track controls across risk, assets and processes to understand the scope
  • Populate controls from an externally licensed content packs
12. Custom Control

Integrate Control Relationships

  • Track master controls and individual control implementations
  • Link control practices across related frameworks, standards, and regulations
  • Identify complementary practices and framework updates with AI-driven control management
  • Map controls across related inventories  including assets, vendors processes, entities
  • Associate controls to policies and guidelines to streamline audits and measure policy adoption
28. a Maturity Over Time

Monitor and Test Control Performance

  • Measure effectiveness of control management with ongoing or scheduled control self-assessments
  • Identify deficient controls with automated risk flagging based on real-time insights
  • Simplify compliance reporting across standards with overlapping obligations
  • Integrate with continuous control monitoring applications (SIEM and SOAR)

Ready to learn more about the OneTrust GRC Control Management?

OneTrust GRC IT & Security Risk Management can deliver the features, functionality, and expanded resources your team needs to keep your GRC practices up to speed with the latest compliance updates. OneTrust GRC is built on an agile data infrastructure, offering a simplified user experience and seamless data access and role-based permissions across GRC functions and products.

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