Business Continuity Management

Streamline your business continuity plan to keep your business running when it matters most.

OneTrust GRC’s Business Continuity Management delivers the structure and tools needed to facilitate business continuity plans to prepare stakeholders to execute in the event of a crisis.

Business Continuity

Identify, Prevent, and Respond

Create a proactive plan to avoid and mitigate risks, reduce business disruptions and execute disaster recovery efforts in the event is a crisis.

3 Risk Management Professionals

Identify Your Critical Infastructure

Prioritize control application and supporting disaster recovery efforts aligned to your most essential assets.

5 Compliance and Ethics Professionals

Assess and Calculate Business Impact

Execute and distribute BIAs to understand the effect a compromised asset would have on your organization


Design Plans for Any Scenario

Model response plans after leading frameworks including NIST and SANS to prepare documented guidelines

4 Audit Professionals

Test and Execute Response

Collaborate with all necessary stakeholders to engage and counter act business disruptions

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Identify Your Critical Infrastructure

  • Measure assets across an integrated data repository (CMDB, etc.)
  • Realize the scope of operations with OneTrust DataDiscovery
  • Identify and classify essential assets and systems
  • Utilize standard BIA templates for guidance based on type of event
6 CISO and IT Risk Professionals

Assess Business Impact

  • Perform Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to gauge and assess the consequences of no action
  • Select from templated BIA’s or create custom assessments for your business model
  • Calculate Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Recovery Time Actual (RTA), Recover Point Actual (RPA)
  • Integrate with stress test applications to support assessment findings and evaluate system protections in place
5 Compliance and Ethics Professionals

Design Plans for Any Scenario

  • Categorize data inventories by criticality for current and future prioritization and protection plans
  • Draft alternate standard operating procedures (SOPs), link and align the content to existing policies
  • Create action plans tied to a guided workflow to support operations during an event
  • Map business continuity plans across similar disasters and crisis
  • Schedule and review the frequency and cadence of your business continuity test to evaluate practical execution
1 Board and Business Executives

Test Applicability and Execute Response

  • Prioritize simulation plans in order of importance and based on criticality
  • Facilitate and guide tabletop exercises to test plans and address conflicts with plan execution
  • Link events to incident management platform to triage and mitigate impact
  • Distribute awareness training courses to prepare and engage individuals across your organization
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