OneTrust Athena for GRC Automation and Insights

OneTrust AthenaTM helps reduce manual processes with GRC automation across tasks through robotic process automation (RPA) technology, continuous monitoring, and compliance insights from the latest market developments.

Athena GRC Automation

Measure Corporate Compliance

Monitor Policy Updates, Measure Performance and Initiate Action


Optimize Control Management

Strengthen Treatment Plans and Simplify Reporting


Synchronize Risk Updates

Monitor External Sources for Real-Time Risk Insights

Enhance Your GRC Program with OneTrust Athena AI & Robotic Automation

GRC Automation is important for both new and maturing GRC programs. Measuring risk posture and exposure can quickly become a resource-intensive exercise, and businesses need a dynamic solution to streamline risk identification and mitigation as risk is realized across the business.

OneTrust AthenaTM AI helps with these challenges in several ways with GRC automation.

20200410 Policy Portal MOCK

Measure Corporate Compliance

Review Updates Across OneTrust Policy Management and Initiate Action

  • Report on updates and flag low rates of attestation for policy sections, individual records, or groups of policies
  • Gain insights for both policy acknowledgment as well as adoption with correlated attestation and related control efficiency scores
  • Propose policy campaigns to review terminology that may be unclear based on engagement and NLP insights
  • Assign related Awareness Training courses using the data tied to your policy attestation, such as department, individuals, and subject matter
20201021 - Athena Suggested Controls

Optimize Control Management

Strengthen Treatment Plans and Simplify Reporting with Control Mapping & Suggestions

  • Review the latest regulatory and compliance standard updates from OneTrust DataGuidance related to your existing control library
  • Identify recommended controls for new risks flagged, based on trends within your risk, control, threat, and vulnerability data
  • Link related control records across frameworks (i.e., ISO, NIST, CMMC) to simplify testing and compliance reporting with cross-walked controls
  • Suggest control enhancements, including supplementary, compensating, or alternative control practices based on your exiting treatment plan
  • Monitor risk trends or control assurance schedule and initiate risk and control assessments to ensure effectiveness
20200708 - GRC Integration Tenable

Synchronize Risk Updates

GRC Automation to Monitor External Sources for Real-Time Risk Insights and Action

  • Continuously monitor your various cyber tools, flag and address connection interruptions
  • Populate risk, threat, and vulnerability updates from related applications including Threat and Vulnerability Scanners, SIEM, SOAR, and CMDB solutions
  • Map risk and vulnerability updates across related assets and processes to account for the total business impact
  • Calculate risk updates against a pre-defined threshold to measure your risk posture based on real-time updates
  • Notify appropriate stakeholders when scores are found outside of your acceptable risk appetite
  • Assign tasks and kickstart automated workflows to initiate remediation, review, and reporting across your risk lifecycle

How Does OneTrust Athena's GRC Automation Work?

First, Athena helps reduce manual processes by automating tasks through robotic process automation (RPA) technology, both within OneTrust GRC and across other parts of your tech stack. Next, through AI-powered by the market insights of OneTrust DataGuidance, Athena provides real-time analytics and suggestions to help understand risk posture and make informed leadership decisions. Finally, Athena leverages machine learning models to improve over time based on your program and use of OneTrust GRC.

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