GRC Software RFP/RFI Template

Use this customizable RFP/RFI template to identify and prioritize your organization’s most critical assets and outline needs to efficiently execute and support your GRC strategy.


Save time documenting and detailing needs across teams and functions. Our comprehensive feature list spans GRC functions and can be tailored to your specific needs. Request a copy today to streamline your evaluation of risk and compliance system requirements. This GRC RFP template can help assist your software evaluation to ensure that both you and your potential software supplier establish a joint understanding of your initial and future requirements, and serve as a guide help to support future project scope and set a common baseline across parties.


Our team of experts takes a consultative approach to support your software selection and we are here to help you meet your business goals as you see fit. Work with our team or take this GRC RFP template as a resource to use on your own.

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