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Policy Management Integration with Microsoft Word

Ever tried to write a multipage policy in a five-line text box? Have you ever asked your employees to write a policy in a tool that they don’t understand how to use?

OneTrust GRC now has policy management integration with Microsoft Word to eliminate these kinds of roadblocks to a successful policy management program.  There is no longer a need to sacrifice the tools that your policy contributors are comfortable and familiar with to manage policies across the organization. Integrating your most-used business applications with OneTrust GRC creates win-win outcomes for everyone involved.

OneTrust GRC News: Integrate Microsoft Word into the OneTrust GRC Policy Management Software

 A Win for Policy Authors and Contributors

Policy authors can use the best tools for the job with a policy management integration to Microsoft Word, rather than trying to fit their workflow into a tool that they are not familiar with or one that doesn’t cater to their specific needs. Microsoft Word is specifically designed for writing, editing, and collaborating on documents. This makes collecting feedback from stakeholders significantly easier, once again, because those stakeholders are familiar with Microsoft 365 product suite.

A Win for Policy Management Programs

OneTrust GRC centralizes your policy inventory, aligns controls to policies, and documents stakeholder attestation for detailed reporting. With the policy management integration with Microsoft Word, OneTrust GRC provides business context for the policies written in Office 365 and now policy deployment is faster than ever. Policy management programs now have a much wider audience of policy contributors and collaborators with Microsoft 365. A wider audience of policy authors and collaborators can account for the gotchas that occur when writing a policy in isolation. Now the first line of defense or other stakeholders can help identify those gotchas before a policy is rolled out, thus speeding up your policy deployment.

The OneTrust GRC integration with Microsoft Word empowers your entire organization to contribute to policy management by easily providing policy reporting, data mapping, and business context.

To learn more, watch the webinar 10 Steps to Reinforce Compliance Through Policy Management or request a demo.

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