Blog | August 25, 2020 | 2 MINS

OneTrust GRC Expands GRCConnect Online Events for 2020 with New Workshops

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The second half of 2020 is here, so we’re excited to announce open registration for additional GRCConnect online workshops! These live, one-hour webinar workshops feature updated content for GRC and ISMS professionals worldwide to virtually network with others in their city during live, practitioner-led, online events.

Register today for a free GRCConnect workshop in a city near you and earn CPE credits

What will you learn at GRCConnect?

GRCConnect content will dive into the most pressing issues facing GRC and ISMS professionals today. Our agenda includes:

Going Beyond Compliance & Harmonizing Risk Initiatives

There is a lot of overlap between different initiatives, including security, privacy, and internal governance practices. You already have a GRC strategy, how can GRC professionals best leverage modern applications to realize new efficiencies? We’ll discuss what type of infrastructure you should look for to support optimized compliance practices today. Taking a “by design” approach to GRC system configuration, without the need for traditional customizations. We’ll also focus on standards to help you scale GRC outside of your second-line professionals to enhance accountability for individuals across your organization.

All GRCConnect workshops will conclude with an expert discussion where attendees can engage and ask questions about the most pressing GRC and ISMS issues they are facing.

What are the details of GRCConnect?

The interactive format will enable attendees to share experiences and discuss the latest information and best practices for operationalizing effective GRC and ISMS programs. To offer tailored content relevant to attendee’s locations, workshops will be in hosted in the following global cities:


  • RSVP | Nordics | September 15
  • RSVP | DACH | October 6
  • RSVP | Madrid | October 7
  • RSVP | United Kington | October 13
  • RSVP | Rome | November 19


  • RSVP | San Francisco | September 21
  • RSVP | Atlanta | September 30
  • RSVP | New York | October 13
  • RSVP | Chicago | October 27
  • RSVP | San Francisco | November 13
  • RSVP | Atlanta | November 23
  • RSVP | New York | December 10
  • RSVP | Chicago | December 17

If your city isn’t listed, we recommend signing up for the city closest to you, or request a workshop by emailing [email protected].

What are the benefits to attend GRCConnect?

Attendees can expect to receive access to free software tools, how-to guides, and best practice documents on topics covered, as well as:

  • Stay up to date on the latest global and regional standards and controls
  • Discuss common case studies as well as techniques and considerations for implementation
  • Build a network of GRC and ISMS practitioners in your local community
  • Hear lessons learned on how peers have operationalized effective GRC and ISMS programs
  • Earn CPE credit for participating in a workshop

Want to advance your career and meet your local GRC and ISMS peers? Register for a GRCConnect Online Workshop today!