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OneTrust Athena AI is Here for the Cognitive Age of GRC Software. 

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Simplify the maintenance and execution of your GRC strategy with Athena AI, the newest line of defense for your compliance and risk management initiatives! The number of data points and business processes involved to execute your GRC strategy effectively can be tedious and overwhelming. Even with ample technology solutions in place, organizations struggle with large volumes of data from automated monitoring activities that require time-intensive review. Athena is here to streamline tasks and bridge gaps in communication to optimize reporting and insights.

Athena works across OneTrust’s agile data infrastructure to maximize efficiency throughout your business processes and functions. Athena AI utilizes machine learning across an extensive data set to deliver relevant insights and information. With the ability to layer on robotic process automation (RPA) technology, Athena can trigger and execute once manual tasks. Culminating in predictive analytics, Athena analyses historical data from inside or outside of your organization to help improve insights to leadership and power informed decision making.


What Powers Athena’s Intelligence?

Rich data sources fuel Athena. One, of these sources, is OneTrust DataGuidance, the world’s most in-depth source of regulatory and compliance research. This platform provides an indexed and searchable database for Athena’s machine learning foundation to reference and apply to your own compliance efforts. With same-day support, OneTrust DataGuidance monitors updates to laws and regulations, tracks breaches and enforcement actions, delivers the latest regulatory guidance on a global scale.

As a core element of the OneTrust solution, Athena has access to your digital ecosystem of connected applications. Athena. Athena can help you realize the extent of your risk exposure and operations in perspective to the ongoing regulatory environment and market activity. Athena is able to leverage these rich data sources and learn from your ongoing GRC activities to provide tailored insights and automation as your program matures.

How Athena AI Helps You Focus on GRC Strategy and Business Success.

Even with organizations with ample technology solutions, the burden of processes, documentation, and non-strategic work, often done in spreadsheets or shared drives. Athena can automate review and learn from your processes to execute processes without manual intervention. See how Athena can address and amplify your GRC practices, so you can focus on executing business initiatives.


  • Prioritize Audit Investigations:

    • Athena can review recent audit activity,  completed investigations, outstanding projects, and high-risk processes to help prioritize audit investigations.
    • With sampling algorithms, Athena can suggest an informed batch-based approach, based on intended audit scopes, business function and risk scores across related inventories and processes.
  • Reinforce Corporate Compliance:

    • Athena is connected to OneTrust Policy Management, she is familiar with your catalog of policies and can report on updates on individual or groups of policy attestation.
    • Athena can flag low attestation rates and correlate the control efficiency scores for related processes to demonstrate if the policy is being honored in practice.
    • After identifying, policies, or specific sections of policies, with a low rate of confirmed understanding and attestation Athena can recommend actions such as reviewing terminology to provide clearer universal language.
    • Using the data tied to your policy attestation, such as departments, individuals and policy subject matter, she can propose and assign related Awareness Training courses.
  • Suggest Mitigating Controls:

    • Athena is linked to OneTrust DataGuidance, which has same-day support for updates to regulations and compliance standards and frameworks
    • Athena is also connected to the OneTrust IT & Security Risk Management module and knows the historical trends of your program’s risk, control, threat, and vulnerability data
    • Based on this knowledge, when a new risk is flagged Athena can suggest recommended controls and compensating controls best suited to your program and that particular mitigation
  • Interpret Vulnerability Updates

    • Athena can link into and constantly monitor your various cyber tools, including vulnerability management solutions
    • When a new vulnerability is found or a severity score is updated, Athena automatically updates your vulnerability library in OneTrust
    • Athena can also update any Asset that has that vulnerability, and calculate if the change is severe enough to notify key stakeholders based on a threshold you define


To learn more register for the webinar: Streamline Your Privacy, Security & Trust Program with OneTrust Athena AI taking place on Tuesday, April 14 at 11:00 am ET