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Integrate Microsoft Word into the OneTrust GRC Policy Management Software

To help companies improve policy management processes, OneTrust GRC today announced our Policy Management Software integration with Microsoft Word.

Policy management is essential to establishing a corporate culture, identifying liabilities, and supporting proactive risk management. That said, corporate policy management is oftentimes an ad hoc process that spans a number of static software systems. In order to develop a fully integrated program with stakeholder collaboration, a centralized policy management software is key.

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What is OneTrust GRC’s Policy Management Software?

OneTrust GRC’s Policy Management software was built to support the development and distribution of corporate policies across business units. Users have flexible options to operate within a single platform to draft, review, and collaborate on policy development while integrating into third-party document repositories, or live text editors (e.g. Microsoft Word). The OneTrust Policy Management software goes beyond just publishing policies and automates policy distribution and measures attestation to confirm both receipt and understanding.

How Does the OneTrust GRC Policy Management and Microsoft Word Integration Work?

With OneTrust GRC Policy Management, Microsoft Word integration users have centralized access to create, edit, and collaborate on policy-related Word documents within the OneTrust environment. Each document automatically inherits a naming convention and associated policy version number.  Additionally, users can seamlessly navigate between OneTrust and draft Word documents using a direct link to the Word document that is auto populated within the version manager of the policy record. As a result, users can draft, review, and edit policy text within Microsoft Word while ensuring the latest updates are written back to preview within OneTrust to publish, distribute, and launch attestation.

Key capabilities of the OneTrust GRC Policy Management and Microsoft Word integration include:

  • Leverage Microsoft Word collaboration tools to work across stakeholders without losing visibility to your policy management lifecycle.
  • Sync OneTrust GRC’s Policy Management with everyday business apps, including Microsoft Word, Google Workspace, SharePoint, and Dropbox.

OneTrust’s flexible approach to building policies through integrations with Microsoft Word, natively in the platform, or by linking external documents allows users to organize corporate policies in a central location and track policies across the business with targeted attestation and policy monitoring.

To learn more about OneTrust GRC, register for the webinar 10 Steps to Reinforce Compliance Through Policy Management or request a demo.

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