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OneTrust GRC Launches Free Tools for Information Security Teams

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Driven by digital transformation and rapid adoption of new technologies, business risks today are growing in scope and complexity. What’s more, this shifting landscape has created extra pressure for information security management tools and teams to operate more efficiently than ever before.

To support this, OneTrust GRC is excited to announce free tools for Information Security teams, helping them manage policies, perform audits, mitigate IT & security risks, as well as safeguard their extended enterprise.

Get started with the free OneTrust GRC Information Security free tools

The OneTrust GRC Information Security tools allows companies across industries, regions, and regulatory landscapes to manage key information security initiatives, including compliance and risk management throughout IT infrastructures, vendor relationships, and operations. The free tools are powered by OneTrust DataGuidanceTM, an intelligence database of in-depth and up-to-date security, privacy, and regulatory research, and OneTrust Athena™ AI, an intelligent robotic automation engine. With built-in support for 300+ global standards, frameworks, and laws, OneTrust GRC products are flexible to meet your information security needs.

With the GRC Information Security free tools bundle, you get access to:

  • Policy Management
  • Audit Management
  • IT & Security Risk Management
  • Vendor Risk Management

With core functionality included, such as:

  • Asset, vendor, and business process inventories
  • Out-of-the-box risk and compliance assessment templates
  • Workflow builders for cross-team collaboration
  • Automatic risk flagging & gap analysis reporting
  • Pre-built dashboards, as well as detailed risk views
  • And much more…

“Our goal is that all businesses, regardless of size or budget, are able to leverage the power of OneTrust GRC to support their information security operations,” said Scott Bridgen, OneTrust GRC Offering Manager. “OneTrust GRC’s free tools will allow businesses to streamline and automate complex governance, risk, and compliance operations to provide increased efficiencies and agility.”

Get started with the free tools today!

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