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All New 2021 GRC Chapter Meetings: OneTrust GRCConnect Online

OneTrust GRC is excited to announce open registration for additional GRCConnect chapter meetings for 2021! These live, one-hour webinar events focus on operationalizing effective governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and ISMS programs. The online chapter meetings are hosted by OneTrust, however, they are open to any GRC, information security, operational risk, and audit professionals regardless of tool or technology solution of choice.

What will you learn at GRCConnect?  

These interactive chapter meetings focus on key industry issues, offering informative best practices and practical approaches to topics like addressing evolving cyber landscape, combatting third-party risk, establishing operational resilience, building a risk-aware culture, and more. Attendees can join a collaborative session to hear experiences and perspectives from an interactive panel with backgrounds focused on information security, audit, and operational risk. All GRCConnect online events will conclude with an expert Q&A where attendees can engage and ask questions about the most pressing issues facing their businesses today.

What are the details of GRCConnect? 

Over the past year, businesses have adapted their operations and strategy in response to evolving global circumstances. Resilience is top of mind but means many different things to different companies. Upcoming GRCConnect chapter meetings offer tailored panel perspectives with experience in Information Security, Audit, and Operational Risk to discuss their experience and practical advice for Going Beyond Business ContinuityWhy Operational Resilience Matters to You?

OneTrust GRC will host GRCConnect chapter meetings in the following regions to offer tailored content relevant to attendee’s locations:

 Americas – East Coast

  • RSVP | InfoSecConnect East Coast | March 8
  • RSVP | AuditConnect East Coast | May 5
  • RSVP | OpRiskConnect East Coast | June 7

America – West Coast

  • RSVP | InfoSecConnect West Coast | March 29
  • RSVP | AuditConnect West Coast | May 24
  • RSVP | OpRiskConnect West Coast | June 25


  • RSVP | InfoSecConnect Europe | March 30
  • RSVP | GRCConnect Madrid | April 20
  • RSVP | GRCConnect Rome | April 21
  • RSVP | AuditConnect Europe | May 13
  • RSVP | OpRiskConnect Europe | June 24

If your location isn’t listed, we recommend signing up for the region closest to you or requesting a chapter by emailing [email protected] 

What are the benefits to attend GRCConnect?

Attendees can expect to receive access to free software tools, how-to guides, and best practice documents on topics covered, as well as:

  • Stay up to date on the latest global and regional standards and controls
  • Discuss common case studies as well as techniques and considerations for implementation
  • Build a network of GRC practitioners in your local community
  • Hear lessons learned on how peers have operationalized effective GRC and ISMS programs
  • Earn CPE credit for participating in a workshop

Want to advance your career and meet your local GRC peers? Register for a GRCConnect chapter meeting today!

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