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TrustWeek News: Introducing OneTrust Athena™ AI-Driven Control Management

As part of a series of announcements during TrustWeek, OneTrust’s annual user conference, we are excited to introduce OneTrust Athena™ AI-Driven Control Management.

As your organization grows, control management can become a manual and resource-intensive exercise for your GRC team. Tracking control implementations across business divisions and risk specialties require detailed mapping and monitoring for record-keeping and compliance.

Organizations need a flexible GRC solution to track related controls dynamically and support compliance at scale. With Athena™ AI-Driven Control Management, organizations can power control management by monitoring, correlating, and reporting on insightful information to reduce manual practices and improve compliance efforts.

To learn more register for TrustWeek or register for the webinar: GRC Building Blocks: Automating IT Risk Management

What is OneTrust Athena AI-Driven Control Management?
OneTrust Athena AI-Driven Control Management is one of the latest product offerings in the OneTrust software suite. Athena provides a blueprint of mapped controls shared across leading frameworks, regulations, and industry standards. The technology helps GRC professionals strengthen treatment plans based on system activity and market updates suggesting mitigating controls to both compensate and complement existing plans.

Specifically, Athena AI-Driven Control Management identifies regulations and compliance standards in OneTrust DataGuidance and tracks risk, threat, and vulnerability data based on the organization’s unique historical trends to provide recommended controls best suited for that program.

What makes OneTrust Athena AI-Driven Control Management unique?
Athena AI-Driven Control Management works across OneTrust’s agile data infrastructure to maximize efficiency throughout your business processes and functions. The software utilizes machine learning across an extensive data set to deliver relevant insights and information.

With the ability to layer on robotic process automation (RPA) technology, Athena can trigger and execute once manual tasks. Culminating in predictive analytics, Athena helps to improve insights to leadership and power informed decision making. Key Athena capabilities for GRC include:

  • Review the latest regulatory and compliance standard updates from OneTrust DataGuidance related to your existing GRC program
  • Identify recommended controls for new risks flagged based on trends within your risk, control, threat, and vulnerability data
  • Link related control records across frameworks (i.e. ISO, NIST, CMMC) to simplify testing and compliance reporting with cross-walked controls
  • Suggest control enhancements, including supplementary, compensating, or alternative control practices based on your exiting treatment plan
  • Monitor risk trends and control assurance schedules to automate risk and control assessments to ensure effectiveness

To learn more register for TrustWeek or register for the webinar: GRC Building Blocks: Automating IT Risk Management taking place on Wednesday, October 28 at 11:00 am EDT / 3:00 pm GMT. To read all of our TrustWeek news, check out our blog.

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