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Automate Digital Asset Discovery with OneTrust DataDiscovery: AI-Driven Discovery and Classification

As businesses have shifted to operate as digital enterprises, data has become the most valuable asset a company has. It’s vital for a company to understand the entirety of their digital footprint to realize the extent of their operations, compliance implications, and potential risk exposure.

If an organization doesn’t know what data they have, how can it implement effective controls, adequate safeguards, and protect the data from being compromised? Without understanding the scope of data shared across systems and apps internally, how can a company keep track of information shared across their extended enterprise, including third (and fourth…and fifth…) parties?

Knowing your data is a key component of your governance, risk, and compliance program, and today, OneTrust is launching OneTrust DataDiscoveryTM to help organizations meet that critical need.

What is OneTrust DataDiscovery?

OneTrust DataDiscovery is a solution for data discovery and classification integrated into the entire OneTrust platform.

OneTrust DataDiscovery helps companies understand the extent of data processed and stored across all systems and assets for cloud, on-premise, and legacy systems, as well as all data types, including structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data.

The technology also helps organizations gain insights based on their data, such as flagging risk based on regulatory or compliance obligations and suggesting controls to enable a more automated approach to governance, risk and compliance.

What makes OneTrust DataDiscovery unique?

OneTrust DataDiscovery is integrated across the entire OneTrust platform, the #1 most widely-used platform for privacy, security and trust, including the full OneTrust GRC suite of products. OneTrust DataDiscovery includes:

  • 500+ System Integrations Out of the Box: OneTrust DataDiscovery comes with hundreds of pre-built connectors to help you categorize and classify data across all systems.
  • Custom Connection Builder: Leverage the drag-and-drop connection builder to build your own re-useable data channels with custom connectors
  • All Data Sources and Systems: OneTrust DataDiscovery offers broad data coverage, including structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data sources, and cloud, on-premise and legacy systems.
  • Act on Data Discovery Scans and Insights: Because OneTrust DataDiscovery is integrated into OneTrust GRC, customers can act on the data discovery insights directly in the application. For example, users can prioritize remediation efforts based on risk scores that are automatically updated through new assets identified with their associated vulnerability CVSS score.
  • Intelligence from OneTrust AthenaTM: Add context to data discovery and classification findings with intelligence from the OneTrust Athena artificial intelligence and robotic process automation built-in.
  • Knowledge from OneTrust DataGuidance TM: Realizing the extent of what data you have is one thing but understanding if that data is compliant with the latest regulatory environment, framework updates, and enforcement actions brings your GRC program to the next level. The OneTrust DataGuidance database backs OneTrust DataDiscovery with ongoing security and regulatory insight.

How does OneTrust DataDiscovery work?

OneTrust DataDiscovery completes the process from discovery to demonstrating compliance and works in four key steps: find, discover, connect, and action.

  1. Find your data: Set up scheduled scans and real-time connections to keep all your systems and data assets in sync, and auto-populate information across dynamic data inventories centralized in OneTrust GRC.
  2. Discover, categorize and classify your data: Leverage over 500 out-of-the-box connectors, or build your own through the custom connection builder, to discover the data in each system, including structured and unstructured sources and cloud, on-premise, and legacy systems.
  3. Connect Related Inventories: Link data across related inventories, creating a many-to-many relationship between assets, processes, and vendor records for multi-dimensional risk perspective.
  4. Take Action to Minimize Risk Exposure: Automate risk flagging and leverage Athena and OneTrust DataGuidance to initiate remediation and compliance efforts with suggested controls in line with framework standards such as ISO, NIST, and more.

How can I learn more about OneTrust DataDiscovery?

Register for our webinar to learn about OneTrust DataDiscovery and how it can help you solve your governance, risk, and compliance program challenges.

To learn more, register for the webinar: Introducing OneTrust DataDiscovery: Your Data Questions, Answered taking place on May 12 at 16:00 BST / 11:00 am EDT

For additional information, or to request a live OneTrust demo, visit or email [email protected]. 

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