Governance, Risk, Compliance

Tackle traditional and emerging risk with OneTrust GRC Software. Identify, track, remediate, and monitor risk across IT infrastructure, vendor relationships and operations for a complete enterprise view of risk across your business profile.

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Measure business initiatives, compliance, and risk activity.

Integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions to Manage and Support Your Organization

Operationalize Your Cyber Security Program

Track exposure and take action to remediate traditional and emerging risks, leverage a robust catalog of cyber security frameworks including localized standards from around the globe, easily tailor controls to your unique operations to optimize control management practices.

Make Your Risk Management Intelligent

Translate risk data from ambiguous scores to value-based business impact. OneTrust Athena AI can map the scope of your risk exposure and monitor your compliance standing against the largest database of global privacy and security regulations OneTrust DataGuidance.

Upgrade to an Agile GRC Platform

Shift your GRC program away from a reactive checklist and toward proactive execution led by subject matter experts across the business OneTrust’s flexible risk infrastructure can adapt to your changing needs to support your organization through an evolving market landscape.

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GRC Solutions for Every Level of Your Business

GRC Solutions Enterprise Risk Management

Board and Senior Executives

Highlight KRIs and translate risk data to context-rich measurements of potential impacts on your business.

Privacy and InfoSec Leaders

Integrate privacy and security into your risk management design across frameworks and implemented controls.

GRC Solutions Vendor Risk Management

Risk Management Professionals

Streamline reporting and engagement with first-line business units to make risk management an ongoing activity embedded in everyday operations.

Audit Professionals

Summarize audit findings and recommendations as you measure business activities, and control design as well as effectiveness to determine if operations are in line with your policy and regulatory requirements.

Risk and Compliance Frameworks

Compliance Officer

Utilize related controls to dynamically measure operations across a number of regulatory frameworks to maintain and elevate your compliance efforts.

Risk and compliance frameworks

IT Risk Management

Map the scope of your business assets and measure associated risk across your digital ecosystem to proactively monitor system vulnerabilities and track IT initiatives.

Learn more about OneTrust GRC

Learn more about OneTrust GRC

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GRC Software Enterprise Risk Management


GRC Software
Connect systems across your digital infrastructure and design a flexible risk scoring methodology
GRC Software Vendor Risk Management
Streamline vendor evaluation and calculate the extent of your risk exposure across your vendors and third-party service providers
GRC Solutions Consumer Request
Protect sensitive data from collection to processing and appropriately measure risk given the context of activity and threat potential
GRC Solutions Incident Management
Plan and action a response plan in line with jurisdictional requirements to ensure the proper notification and documentation is taken
GRC Software Enterprise Risk Management
Identify the extent of business impacts for both tactical operations and strategic enterprise initiatives
GRC Solutions Policy Management
Streamline policy development across a collaborative workflow, as well as integrate controls, distribute, and measure attestation across stakeholders
GRC Solutions Audit Management
Plan and execute audits with workflows, control assessments, and a centralized repository to track risk, controls, document summary findings and evidence as well as access historical records of previous audits
Develop a plan and system for your critical infrastructure to keep operations ongoing in the event of a worst-case scenario from natural disaster to ransomware.
GRC Solutions Whistle-blower
Proactively monitor your business reputation and provide communication channels to report misconduct with an anonymized whistle-blowing hotline
GRC Products Awareness Training
Engage and educate stakeholders across your business with configurable training courses. Measure employee progress, completion as well as test knowledge and understanding